Model LB-300B Vertical Steel Bar Bending Tesitng Machine
Category: Bending Testing Machine  Publish Time: 2020-05-04 17:46 
Model LW-300B Vertical Steel Bar Bending Tesitng Machine   

Model LW-300B Bending Testing Machine for Steel Bar


Main Parameters:

Maximum thrust load: 300KN;

Working stroke: 300mm;

Maximum working pressure: 25MPa;

Bending angle range: 0-180 ° (angle can be set);

Diameter of bent round specimen: Φ 6- Φ 32mm;

Bending indenter diameter: Φ 6- Φ 192mm;

Maximum spacing between backup rollers: 300 mm;

Loading speed of oil cylinder: About 120mm / min;

Overall dimension of host: 1200 mm × 550 mm × 2000 mm;

Overall power: 1.1KW;

Host weight: about 1100 kg;


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