Model GW-40E Touch Screen Bending Testing Machine
Category: Bending Testing Machine  Publish Time: 2021-11-21 23:34 
Model GW-40E Touch Screen Bending Testing Machine


Model GW-40E Touch Screen Bending Testing Machine



Model GW-40E steel bar bending testing machine" adopts touch screen, PLC control display system and special high-precision AC servo motor drive mechanism, which has the advantages of high efficiency, no noise, more accurate bending angle, longer service life and more stable safety performance;

The machine is a special equipment for plane forward and reverse bending test of reinforcement. The main technical parameters and indexes of the equipment comply with YB / T5126-2003 test methods for bending and reverse bending of reinforced concrete reinforcement. The addition of corresponding bending center can meet the requirements of GB 1499.2-2018. It is an indispensable test equipment for steel mills and construction units to test the reverse bending performance of threaded reinforcement. At the same time, it is suitable for on-site reinforcement bending in construction industry, so as to achieve the dual-purpose of one machine for test and construction. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, simple operation, digital PLC control and display of bending angle, stable operation, low noise, reliable service life, reasonable design, convenient maintenance and simple lubrication. The utility model is characterized in that the design of limit and wearing parts is more reasonable, and the wearing parts are easy to replace, so the service life is long.


Technical Specifications:

Diameter range of bending reinforcement steel bar: φ 6- φ40mm

Positive bending angle: 0 ° - 180 °

Reverse bending angle: 0 ° - 180 °

Working disc speed ≤2r/mm

Roll center distance 219 mm

Working disc diameter 620mm

Maximum bending center diameter that can be installed 320mm

Motor power: 2.3KW

Equipped with standard bent core sleeve 1 set

Overall dimensions of the machine (L * W * H): 1010×790×1200 mm

Machine weight: Approx. 850kG




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