Model JWJ-10 Metal Wire Repeated Bending Tester
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Model JWJ-10 Metal Wire Repeated Bending Tester


Model JWJ-10 Metal Wire Repeated Bending Tester



This testing machine is mainly used in the repeated bending test of metal wire rod to test the performance of metal wire rod under plastic deformation and the defects shown in the repeated bending.            

Test principle: pass a certain diameter sample through the guide sleeve, clamp it in two jaws of specified size, adjust the height of the guide sleeve, press the button, the sample is bent 90 ° left and right, after the sample is broken, the machine will stop automatically, and the bending times will be recorded.           

This machine is widely used in steel, construction industry, steel bar, prestressed steel wire, steel wire rope, wire and cable, copper and copper alloy contact wire, wire and other manufacturers and users.           

It is applicable to the repeated bending test of Ф 0.3 ~ Ф 10 metal wire. For the fine wire, the spring tension device can straighten the fine wire, and then carry out the repeated bending test.           

Adding special fixture can make repeated bending test of 0.3-3mm plate.          


Applicable standards:            

GB238-2013 test method for repeated bending of metallic materials and wires            

GB / t235-2013 test method for repeated bending of sheet metal and strip           

GB / t4909.5-2009 test methods for bare wires Part 5: bending test - repeated bending         


Technical parameters:             

1. Sample diameter: Φ 0.3 - Φ 10 mm           

2. Sample length: 150-300 mm          

3. Bending angle: ± 90 ° (plane bending)           

4. Counting range: 999999 times         

5. Display mode: LCD, automatic recording times           

6. Bending speed: ≤ 60rpm           

7. Motor power: 1.5kw           

8. Power supply: three-phase, 380V, 50Hz           

9. Boundary dimension: 740 * 628 * 1120mm           

10. Weight of main engine: about 260 kG



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