ESR Series Electro dynamic testing machines
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ESR Series Electro dynamic testing machines



ESR Series Electro dynamic testing machines are fast acting table top testers ideally suited for performing dynamic fatigue tests on a variety of materials and components. These electro-dynamic machines use a linear electric motor mounted to an adjustable upper crosshead of a stiff dual column frame. The electric electro-dynamic actuator is connected to single phase power; resulting in a clean low maintenance solution. With dynamic force capacities, testing machines are used to evaluate the mechanical properties of biologic materials, composites, orthopedic fixation devices, prostheses, spinal constructs, stents, dental implants, elastomeric materials, and others.



Load frame:

Two columns with high stiffness, and manual lock for testing space allocation;

Dynamic load cell for dynamic test, with high strain resistance capacity;

T-slots table design makes it easier for fixture mounting.


Linear electronic actuator:

The linear electronic actuator is a kind of direct-driving electronic servo system, and using servo motor and control system to control.

2. Max. Test load: ± 500N, 1KN, 2KN, 5KN, 10KN

3. Amplitude: ±20mm

4. Load cell mounted at the piston rod of the linear actuator and locked by a ring.

5. Use LVDT to measure displacement

6. The linear actuator protected by a cover and its movement is limited by limited   







Main technical parameters

1. Max Test load:  ± 500N, 1KN, 2KN, 5KN, 10KN

2. Load accuracy: ± 1% (within the range of 2% -100% FS)

3. Dynamic load value fluctuation: ± 0.5% FS;

4. Max Amplitude: ± 20mm with accuracy ± 0.5% FS;

5. Main test waveforms: sine, square, triangle, ramp etc.

6. Control mode: full-digital PID control, displacement and test force closed loop control and can be switched freely.

7. Test frequency: 0.01-10Hz;

8. Test space: adjustable space in height ≥400mm;

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