MMH-5 Ring Block Wear Testing Machine
Category: Friction and Wear Testing Machine  Publish Time: 2022-04-04 11:24 
MMH-5 Ring Block Wear Testing Machine   


MMH-5 Ring Block Wear Testing Machine



This tester adopts sliding friction, under specific test conditions to be used for evaluating the abrasion resistance of the engineering plastics, powder metallurgy and alloy bearing etc. material. Can Start the test by changing loading speed, time, friction material, surface roughness and hardness etc. circumstances. It can also be used for measurement of wear amount of the material and the electrochemical characteristics during the wear process. This friction tester is mainly used to evaluate the wear resistance performance of cemented carbide under abrasive wear condition.



Test spindle number: 1

Single maximum test force: 5 kg

Scope of testing: kg 1-5

Test force loading method: weight loading

Test force indication accuracy: + 1%

Spindle speed range: 0.1r/min-50r/min (stepless adjustable)

Spindle speed accuracy: + / - 0.05r/min

Test speed: 1 ~ 9999999

Conditions: time, speed control mode

Standard sample: sample: 30 * 15 * block 25mm front angle 45 degrees

Sample: 360 disc (friction theory diameter) * 20MM

Track material: normalizing 20 steel

Track equipment quantity: 3

Test accessories: reference to the user to provide the standard

Input voltage: AC 380V + 10%

Input power: 13.5kW

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