Model YQ-2000 Upset Testing Machine
Category: Upset Testing Machine  Publish Time: 2021-12-11 12:01 
Model YQ-2000 Upset Testing Machine   


 Model YQ-2000 Upsetting Testing Machine


The full-automatic rapid upsetting testing machine adopts hydraulic loading and manual control. The metal material applies pressure along the axis of the sample at room temperature or hot state to compress the sample, test the ability of the metal to withstand upsetting plastic deformation under the specified forging ratio, and display metal surface defects. It is mainly used in the upsetting test of metal materials such as iron and steel enterprises, standard parts manufacturers, and tool manufacturers to test the ability of metal to withstand upsetting plastic deformation under the specified forging ratio and display the metal surface characteristics.


Technical Specifications:

1. Maximum flattening test force: 2000kN

2. Maximum hot upsetting speed: 90mm / S

3. Maximum cold top forging speed: 50-80mm / S

4. Diameter range of cold upset specimen: Dia. 5-20mm

5. Diameter range of hot upset specimen: Dia. 20-60mm

6. Cold upsetting ratio: 1/2

7. Hot upsetting ratio: 1/3

8. The lowest flat height of the sample: 8.5mm

9. Piston adjustment speed: 10-100mm / min, stepless speed regulation

10. Flattening deviation: ± 0.5mm

11. The maximum flattening time is 1 second, which can be adjusted upward at will

12. Power supply: three phase four wire 380V 50Hz 12.2kw (about)

13. Overall dimension of host: about 1100 * 950 * 2550mm (width, depth and height)

14. Overall dimension of pump station: about 1800 * 1000 * 1100mm (width, depth and height)

15. Overall dimension of console: about 580 * 560 * 980mm (width, depth and height)

16. Overall weight: Approx. 5 tons