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JC Series Charpy Impact Tester


JC Series Charpy Impact Tester



JC (Charpy) Series are professional instrument for the determination of impact energy. They are widely used in plastic pipes, such as PP-H, PP-B, PP-R, PVC-U, PVC-Hi, PVC-C, ABS and ASA.



ISO 179, ISO 9584



1) Energy: (0.5J) 1J 2J 4J 5J

2) Impact Speed: 2.9m/s

3) Support: 40mm  60mm  70mm 95mm

4) Size (L×W×H): 500mm×350mm×780mm

5) Weight: 110kg

6) Power Supply: AC220±10V   50HZ

7) Working Condition: 20±5, RH80%





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