MRS-10A Computer Control Four Ball Friction Testing Machine
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MRS-10A Computer Control Four Ball Friction Testing Machine   


MRS-10A Computer Control Four Ball Friction Testing Machine



This machine is used to evaluate the loading capacity of lubricants in the process of sliding friction on a constant point under high pressure. The above-mentioned capacity includes: Maximum load PB under unstuck condition, sintered load PD & comprehensive wearing parameter ZMZ. The machine can carry on abrasive wearing test for a long time to test the friction force and obtain the friction co-efficient of the materials. Equipped with special accessories, it can perform end-face friction test and analogue wearing test of materials. Connected with recorder, it can print the curves of Temperature-Time and Friction Force-Time. Equipped with special device, it can display, test and record the test results of grading crack of friction-pair through computer


Confirmed standards:

ASTM D4172, ASTMD 2783, GB/T12583-98, GB3142-82, SH/T0189-92, SH/T0202-92, SH/T0204-92


Main technical parameters:

1 Testing force range (stepless adjustable) 60N~10kN

2 The relative error of the test force ± 1%

3 Friction test range 0~300N

4 Friction test error ± 3%

5 Spindle speed range (stepless adjustable) 200~2000r/min

6 Spindle speed error ± 5 r/min

7 Friction temperature control range room temperature ~75C

8 Friction pair temperature control error ± 2C

9 Test time control range 1 sec ~999 hours

10 Spindle speed control range 1~99999999 rpm

11 Steel ball test forφ12.7mm 11

12 Dimension 1200*870*1700 (mm)

13 Weight 600kG

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