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YM-2A Metallographic Sample Pre-grinder

YM-2A Metallographic Sample Pre-grinder


During the metallographic sample preparation, pre-grinding is the essential former procedure before polishing. The pre-grinding enhances greatly the efficiency of the sample preparation. YM-2A is designed according to the customers’ requests and adapted to various kinds of materials. The size of the disc and the transmission power are larger than the same products in the market, which is the ideal equipment for pre-grinding. Working principle: the water flows into the rotating grinding disc through the water tube, and then the water below the abrasive paper flows out under the centrifugal force of the rotating disk, which generates a vacuum space and presses the abrasive paper on the disc tightly to do the pre-grinding work. When the disc stops rotating, the effect disappears and the abrasive paper can be easily taken off.


Main Parameters:

Grinding Disc Diameter


Abrasive Paper Diameter


Rotating Speed

400r/min, 500r/min (630r/min, 780r/min custom-made)


YS7146, 0.55kw, 380V, 50Hz






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